Tertiary Thursdays: Grenadian Dreams

If you found a really nice house, would you buy it even if it wasnt in your favourite street? How about if it wasnt in your preferred neighborhood?
Well that's my dilemma.
Grenada isn't necessary my preferred country.
Now before all my potential Grenadian readers leave, wait! Hear me out!
I'm not anti-Grenada. I'm sure it has many features that are unique and enticing. However, it is still in the Caribbean. And that is simply not where I see myself. However! This is not a venting post, so all negative opinions aside, let us explore St.George's University in Grenada (SGU). (After all, I did say that I found a really nice house).

Sourced from SGU's website.
My top ten reasons for applying to SGU.
1. I don't have to do a full stint with pre-med because I have completed the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE). (Here are some equivalents for any confused readers,  British = A-levels,American = International Baccalaureate and Canada = college). This is wonderful, as I do one year and then I'm off to study what I love!
2. I can go to the UK, USA or Canada after. Yup! It's true. Instead of applying to one country now, I have time to pick between three of the major medical destinations of the world. See here.
3. Selectives! Did you know that you can spend a summer in Thailand? Prague? Kenya?
Indeed you can! And trust me, I intend to! 
4. It's in the Caribbean. While the sun, sand and sea may appeal to some, as a Caribbean national myself, that's not the appeal. The appeal is that I can return home much easier than if I went further away, I can also get lots of my stuff shipped in, and I'm used to the climate and the basic undertones of the culture already.
5. It's an American school. This means that even though it's located in the Caribbean, the curriculum and a large percentage of the students are from the United States of American. In fact, it's approximately 70%. Personally, this provides me with the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds, almost like going to an international school at home.
Sourced from www.grenadaexplorer.com
6. I'm not necessarily a beach person, but have you seen the beach there? No really...have you? I haven't even applied yet and I've already been day dreaming about bikinis...ahh...it's gorgeous
7. It's not home. I have NOTHING against my own country. I just want to live on my own, make my own rules, stay out and up all night! Cook, clean, wash, everything! I want that taste of independence that I know I won't be able to have if I go to medical school in Trinidad and Tobago. (Did I mention I can literally walk to the medical school here from my house? Much too close to home.)
8. It is accredited. This isn't the first thing that pops up in my head, but it sure is one of the most important. My degree needs to be recognized!
9. Grade Forgiveness. My mental health has not always been the best and it is subject to dips and fluctuations. I appreciate the fact that the university understands these struggles and that there are already measures in place to deal with this. I also like that forgiveness = forgetting. The old grade disappears.
10. Medicine. It doesn't matter where I go ultimately, medicine is my dream, my passion, my everything, and the opportunity to study it anywhere, even inside my own bedroom, is a dream come true.

I am soo excited to apply to SGU, and I can't wait to bring you along on this application journey with me. Where are you excited to be going? Any goals for the upcoming years?
-Sadie <3

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