Looking back

An old post that I drafted a few weeks ago:
"It's 6:15, and I've been in and out of sleep since 1:00AM. Before that I had been up for 12 consecutive hours (for study and general errands). Before that, I had classes.
Welcome to medical school?
Medical school is much more difficult when something is wrong within and above, and I guess that's a fancy way of describing my mental illness. It's still up in the air as it pertains to the actual diagnoses, but one thing is definitely for sure, this day has not been fun."
For anyone that's struggling with school, keep pushing! You can do it! I did.
-Sadie <3

And as the end begins...

Today is November 1st and the struggle to get here has been real in so many ways.
I reflect on the days of worrying about grocery shopping, cooking and balancing my finances. Now, it's second nature, it's easy even. Has this semester been easy? Not at all. I've had more mental breakdowns than I could mention, done things that I'm not proud of (when you start aiming to get drunk, times are truly tough) and it's not even over! 
As I sit here, I still have pre-finals and finals before I can even contemplate being home bound. However, I am positively sure that I will make it. I will fight to grab this dream for myself, the little girl that I was when this dream began and anyone else too scared to start. As a person with a mental illness, trust me when I say, if I can do it, you most definitely can. Life is too short to hesitate, got a dream? Go pursue it!

Things every university student needs:

1. The ability to type like a maniac. Slow typing equates : no notes.
2. An excellent playlist. I almost ran out of playlists once. I am now revisiting every year since 2000. Musical gurus, message me.
3. Internet. I have a love-hate relationship with Firefly(our school's WiFi name). He's here today and gone tomorrow. You can't rely on him at all. Sounds like someone you know?
4. The ability to scan a page quickly. "large words...scanning...more words...scanning...DNA! that's what I'm looking for!...wait, DNA lipase? nope. *closes page*"
5. Wikipedia and Youtube. I don't care what anyone says, these are the best resources ever. Simple and effective.
6. The lack of a desire for sleep. Who needs sleep? What is sleep? What is an 8AM lab?
Welcome to Medical School.
-Sadie <3

A hoot, A toot and A whole lot of loot!

At 4:00AM this morning I woke up confused and dazed, but ready to embark on my university journey! We packed all five suitcases into the car and hustled towards our port of departure.
Overweight was an understatement, let's just say that prayer alone got those suitcases on the plane and before we knew it, mother and I were up in the air and down again! (the flight was only twenty-five minutes long). After meeting our hosts and having breakfast, we took a nap, before heading towards St.Georges University (SGU).

Filofax Fridays : I love inserts!

One of my favourite things about the use of the filofax brand is the ability to customize it completely. This is especially possible due to the wealth of FREE inserts located all throughout the Internet. I love these inserts (also called printables). In fact collecting them is sometimes more fun than actually using them. I know what it's like to be looking through tons of pages searching for the right printable done by category!

Tertiary Thursdays : Resources

How has your Thursday been so far?
My days have been filled with rather mundane tasks sprinkled with excitement about the impending start of university. I'm stuck somewhere between a Walmart cart that has too many items in it and a nine page health form. But all in all, I love it.

Creative juices without sugar

I had no spunk.
I had a ton of drafts but no energy to complete a single one.
Ever felt like you've been overextending yourself or you werent honing your passion but instead trying to emulate things or people that you love?
I love this blog, I love the concept, I love my ideas and somewhere along the line I kept trying to sound like a voice that wasn't my own. So I'm pouring some sugar into my creative juice, redirecting my energies and we'll see where we land. Keep following the journey! It's not going to end.
-Sadie <3

Tertiary Thursdays : Helpful Pathways to Residency

Ever sat and wondered how you get from point A to point B? You want to be a doctor but how do you get to surgery or pychiatry or dermatology? Well my school recently provivded me with something that I have been searching for for years (not exaggerating), a pathway to residency.

To be or not to be crazy - Medical School and Mental Health

Nightmares. That's the word that comes to mind when I think of my mental health. Health forms are a nightmare. Medication is a nightmare. Health professionals are a nightmare. And of course, there are the literal nightmares.

Tertiary Thursdays : Dorm Room Prep

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have my dorm room mentally pre-planned for months. Don't look at me like that! I'm just part of the group of people that subscribe to the adage " To be prepared, is better than to be concerned." So I chose to avoid my own anxieties and concerns by planning every single detail that I could with the information provided. I scoured every site that I could think of, Pinterest, Youtube etc. for valuable information from those that have already lived through this phase of life. However, there was a recurrring problem, random purchases. As a student that aspires to somehow receive an enitre new wardrobe, I knew that it would not bode well to purchase items that I would never use, which would in essence spend my wardrobe fund.

Oh my Goodness!

So I know that you all read that interview, and everyone was pretty excited for me. But I'm a very cautious person. Today however, all caution has disappeared. I have officially been accepted into the St.George's University Pre-medical Program. 
Ecstatic doesn't even explain how I feel.
I'm genuinely overwhelmed.
Let's just say, I could barely type this.

-Sadie <3

"Tertiary Thursdays" : SGU Pre-med Year Three Interview

My appointment was for one-ish.
The interviewer and I agreed on that time. However, fearing that that was a mere trick to judge my level of professionalism I arrived at 12:58 just to be sure. I asked a doctor outside if he knew Dr* and he carried me to her office and I waited outside till she was ready. I was slightly nervous and very grateful that I had carried my essays and my résumé, because it gave my hand and mind something to do.
Eventually the door opened and out she came, she extended her hand and said Say-dee? And I said yes, but it's Sha-day. Never have I appreciate my name more, it acted as a nice icebreaker.

"Tertiary Thursdays" : the less formal version of my interview prep

My three essential things for any interview:
1. The right outfit, 2. The right mood (set by music) and 3. The right attitude.

My car ride playlist :
I like it like that - Hot Chelle Rae
I'm the man - Aloe Blac
Read all about it - Emeli Sandé
I've got the magic in me - B.o.B.

What I wore :

Inspirational Quotes :
•The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret. -Sarah Bombell
•Train harder. Run faster. Aim higher. Be stronger. Play tougher. IF YOU REFUSE TO BE STOPPED. YOU WON'T BE.
•You can't put limits on your goals, the more you dream, the farther you will get.
•I don't do things HALF-HEARTEDLY. Because I know if I do, then I can expect HALF-HEARTED results. -Michael Jordan

*Disclaimer : What I may deem important, you may not.
-Sadie <3

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