Oh my Goodness!

So I know that you all read that interview, and everyone was pretty excited for me. But I'm a very cautious person. Today however, all caution has disappeared. I have officially been accepted into the St.George's University Pre-medical Program. 
Ecstatic doesn't even explain how I feel.
I'm genuinely overwhelmed.
Let's just say, I could barely type this.

-Sadie <3

"Tertiary Thursdays" : SGU Pre-med Year Three Interview

My appointment was for one-ish.
The interviewer and I agreed on that time. However, fearing that that was a mere trick to judge my level of professionalism I arrived at 12:58 just to be sure. I asked a doctor outside if he knew Dr* and he carried me to her office and I waited outside till she was ready. I was slightly nervous and very grateful that I had carried my essays and my résumé, because it gave my hand and mind something to do.
Eventually the door opened and out she came, she extended her hand and said Say-dee? And I said yes, but it's Sha-day. Never have I appreciate my name more, it acted as a nice icebreaker.

"Tertiary Thursdays" : the less formal version of my interview prep

My three essential things for any interview:
1. The right outfit, 2. The right mood (set by music) and 3. The right attitude.

My car ride playlist :
I like it like that - Hot Chelle Rae
I'm the man - Aloe Blac
Read all about it - Emeli Sandé
I've got the magic in me - B.o.B.

What I wore :

Inspirational Quotes :
•The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret. -Sarah Bombell
•Train harder. Run faster. Aim higher. Be stronger. Play tougher. IF YOU REFUSE TO BE STOPPED. YOU WON'T BE.
•You can't put limits on your goals, the more you dream, the farther you will get.
•I don't do things HALF-HEARTEDLY. Because I know if I do, then I can expect HALF-HEARTED results. -Michael Jordan

*Disclaimer : What I may deem important, you may not.
-Sadie <3

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