Filofax Fridays : I love inserts!

One of my favourite things about the use of the filofax brand is the ability to customize it completely. This is especially possible due to the wealth of FREE inserts located all throughout the Internet. I love these inserts (also called printables). In fact collecting them is sometimes more fun than actually using them. I know what it's like to be looking through tons of pages searching for the right printable done by category!

Tertiary Thursdays : Resources

How has your Thursday been so far?
My days have been filled with rather mundane tasks sprinkled with excitement about the impending start of university. I'm stuck somewhere between a Walmart cart that has too many items in it and a nine page health form. But all in all, I love it.

Creative juices without sugar

I had no spunk.
I had a ton of drafts but no energy to complete a single one.
Ever felt like you've been overextending yourself or you werent honing your passion but instead trying to emulate things or people that you love?
I love this blog, I love the concept, I love my ideas and somewhere along the line I kept trying to sound like a voice that wasn't my own. So I'm pouring some sugar into my creative juice, redirecting my energies and we'll see where we land. Keep following the journey! It's not going to end.
-Sadie <3

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