Things every university student needs:

1. The ability to type like a maniac. Slow typing equates : no notes.
2. An excellent playlist. I almost ran out of playlists once. I am now revisiting every year since 2000. Musical gurus, message me.
3. Internet. I have a love-hate relationship with Firefly(our school's WiFi name). He's here today and gone tomorrow. You can't rely on him at all. Sounds like someone you know?
4. The ability to scan a page quickly. "large words...scanning...more words...scanning...DNA! that's what I'm looking for!...wait, DNA lipase? nope. *closes page*"
5. Wikipedia and Youtube. I don't care what anyone says, these are the best resources ever. Simple and effective.
6. The lack of a desire for sleep. Who needs sleep? What is sleep? What is an 8AM lab?
Welcome to Medical School.
-Sadie <3

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