And as the end begins...

Today is November 1st and the struggle to get here has been real in so many ways.
I reflect on the days of worrying about grocery shopping, cooking and balancing my finances. Now, it's second nature, it's easy even. Has this semester been easy? Not at all. I've had more mental breakdowns than I could mention, done things that I'm not proud of (when you start aiming to get drunk, times are truly tough) and it's not even over! 
As I sit here, I still have pre-finals and finals before I can even contemplate being home bound. However, I am positively sure that I will make it. I will fight to grab this dream for myself, the little girl that I was when this dream began and anyone else too scared to start. As a person with a mental illness, trust me when I say, if I can do it, you most definitely can. Life is too short to hesitate, got a dream? Go pursue it!

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