Stupidly Striving

I read a post today by a surgeon who seemed extremely disillusioned with where they were. The post didn’t attempt to dissuade people but easily could have done it anyway. It’s posts like those that make me promise myself that I don’t want to ever become that person. I’ve worked too hard to achieve my dream and spend my days a cynic.
 In some ways I get it. Yes, it’s hard, people will die and some days you’ll be covered in vomit. But when my dream of those vomit covered days, is the only thing stopping that blade from slicing deeper, I can never treat it with such disdain. Those vomit covered daydreams saved my life. Bring on the hard work! At least I’ll be alive.
-Sadie <3

Write drunk. Edit sober.

I think that the reason blogging never worked for me was because I spent way too much time editing each post. I guess the perfectionist in me wondered whether people would actually read anything that I had to say if it wasn't the perfect little package. This has started a huge mental debate: who am I really writing for? An audience or myself? So far, no one winner has been clearly announced, (and I'm not sure that one ever will) but the truth is, I wasn't getting as much devotion as this invisible audience was. My own thoughts and feelings are supposed to be documented here, but it still feels very staged. Honesty. This is what this blog has been missing.
-Sadie <3

An Update - I'm still alive!

For the few (or the many) that followed my simple journey through last semester, I think that I should let you know a few things.
1.  I graduated! Yes! I am officially a medical student! The journey was long, terrible, trying, exciting and yet still the best decision that I have ever made.

2. I still intend to blog. I think that leaving it up to myself to blog ever so often was a bad idea. Sorry! So I am now going to schedule time to devote to my blogging. Honestly, I think that there are a lot of things that I can share that others can benefit from or relate to.

3. To anyone reading this, thank you! I am eternally grateful that you took the time out to be here. Please feel free to stay and look around! I promise that I will post at least once a week.

Till we meet again,
- Sadie <3

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