Diagnosis Dipping - When they can’t figure out what’s wrong

I wish it was a simple as the common cold. First, you get the weird scratching feeling in the back of your throat before it becomes sore. Next, your nose gets congested and it may begin to run. Coughing also often follows, dry at first, then productive. It’s simple. It’s easy. You have the cold. But mental illness is a lot more complicated. There are no biopsies, no blood tests. Though I have noticed the use of brain scans. Ultimately, the diagnosis is still very much at the discretion of your health care provider. And this is how I ended up with seven possible diagnoses.

Top ten tips for the first year of medical school

I just completed my first year of medical school, and I thought that it was only fitting that I gave some advice to the incoming students. Honestly, I am not yet where I want to be academically, but I do believe that I have managed to succeed in some areas, and this is the advice which I intend to share.

My top ten tips!

1. Get an organizer
Trust me! This is at the top of the list for a reason. I truly believe that a significant portion of your stress can be decreased if you are properly organized. There will be group projects, labs, assignments, quizzes and everyday studying to manage. Trying to do this without the assistance of an organizer is simply unnecessary. The resources are available, so use them! My personal preference employs a combination of paper and digital calendars. I use apple's iCal. This is useful because it syncs between my Mac, iPad, and iPhone, so I can constantly keep track of my schedule. It’s also useful for alerts! I always have alerts for every class and assignment so that I can be reminded.

top ten tips for medical school

My paper planner is then used for more detailed preparation. Medical school requires daily study, so my paper planner lets me know the exact textbook pages I’ll be reading, which sets of questions I’ll be doing, and which slides I need to go over.

Experimental Kitchen - The Breakfast Smoothie


I'm overweight. SO! Like any good medical student, I visited the doctor and a dietician to get my health checked out. The truth is, that the odds are stacked against me. The medication that I'm on is notorious for weight gain. However, I believe in doing as much as you possibly can to assist in the progress of your own life, so I've completely changed my diet. Over the next few months I'd like to share new recipes with you as I try them out. I'm calling this an experiment because I am by no means an expert. But, I can guarantee that I'll only share recipes that I truly enjoy. Anyway! Apologies for the ramblings. Here is my first recipe that I'd like to share.

Mental illness and success

mental illness

When I think of success, it's simple: accomplishing my short term and long term goals. The measure of success for people with mental illnesses, however, is sometimes changed to ‘accommodate’ our potential inabilities to achieve ‘normal tasks’. I say the above with a pinch of salt because I understand that for many, the measure of success is different and it should be. As a high functioning mentally ill person, however, I believe that these limits, while meant to be accommodating are often limiting.

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