Meeting me: On self discovery and self love

I used to laugh at people who said they were trying to 'find themselves'. I fondly remember my mother telling me that that was part of puberty. Self-discovery. But during my teenage years, I felt extremely self-assured. I was clear about where I was going and I felt even clearer about who I was.
I'm only twenty-two now (just in case I was starting to sound super old and nostalgic), but I feel like the person I was then has died.

Ready, Set, Goal! (My 2017 Resolutions)

I was drafting my goals for 2017 and I thought that I should share them with you! A lot of my goals might be strange, or typical, but I think that by committing to them publicly, it'll be a nice way of having some level of accountability!

1. Actively work at loving myself
2. Lose 60 pounds by exercising at least twice a week
3. Read 100 books
4. Work on my mental health: regular therapy, psychiatry sessions, and group therapy
5. Continue to work on my personal style - for eg. actually wear the perfume I got for Christmas

1.Attend church at least four times per semester
2. Do devotions once a week
3.Trust God to take care of me

1. Get all A's in term five
2. Score 250 in the USMLE Step 1 Exam

1. Deepen and strengthen my relationship with my boyfriend
2. Find and solidify a female best friend
3. Keep in contact with friends and pursue a tighter 'squad'

1. Get 10,000 page views
2. Gain subscribers
3. Make one weekly post
4. Find a blogging bestie

1. Save $1000TT
2. Find a source of passive income

As you can tell, some of my goals seem simple, while others bother on impossible. I was having a conversation with my mother a few days ago and she asked: "Do your goals have to be attainable?"  This was something that I had never really considered. At the end of the day, I feel like your goals should be of mixed intensity. Some should require minimal effort, while others test your faith. So if you're still drafting your goals, don't be afraid to stretch a little. Push yourself. Anything is possible.

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Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to 2017!
If you're reading this, congratulations! You made it. I'm glad that you get to experience another year. A new year brings opportunities for growth, fun and success.
This post is an ode to anyone feeling crummy, straight about annoyed, because you feel frustrated, stuck in the same place, and you're wondering why everyone else is getting to enjoy the 'newness' of the year. Well here's some truth: you are here, and you will have 365 opportunities for a new year. Now you're thinking, huh? But it's true. Forget new year, you've got a new day. Every day this year can be used as a starting point for something bigger, better, greater and nicer.
I hate happy, 'feel good' encouragement. I think it's cheesy, corny and ingenuine. So I won't lie to you and sell you a pretty dream. The reality is that for some people, this year will suck like hell. And you're going to get tired of fighting and striving. You're going to be hella upset. That's when you'll need to remember that you get a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh (okay, you get the idea) chance at starting again.

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